Four Reasons You Won’t get the Job

The reason a job goes unfilled has only four main possibilities:

  1. The job doesn’t pay enough to merit a response from qualified candidates,
  2. The qualified candidates are older than the employer would like to see,
  3. The job posting isn’t real, it’s just an excuse to make someone within the organization fill in for a job above his/her pay grade without suitable compensation,
  4. The person doing the hiring has no idea what the job really entails and thus doesn’t forward candidates for fear of making a bad hire.

These is just the phenomenas which have been observed, and nowadays number 3 is particularly prevalent. After all, it is perfectly reasonable to require 8-10 years of experience for an entry level position. How else can we justify not actually hiring anyone and paying our overqualified, burned out employees so little?

What’s the number one reason you hate your job?

I do absolutely nothing and get paid for it. More like 95% nothing but still,
0.95 x 0.0 = 0.0.

It was a blessing at first but I’m not gaining anything out of it besides money. Certainly not a career.

What did I do at work today? Surfed Internet joke sites.

What do I put on a resume? A bunch of lies.

Interviews for a different job?
> Name a time where you had a problem and how did you resolve it?
I just make up some bullshit answer and/or exaggerate and hope they buy it.

Hey, I’m writing this at work right now.

What I wouldn’t give for some worthwhile work.

On a side note one really good thing is I can apply to jobs while at work. Because that’s what I imagine productivity to be.