The neocons are about 1% of the Republican party. Yet they act like the party is with them. The reality is: The neocons used to be Democrats which emerged from the Scoop Jackson branch of the Democratic Party. That’s why all their social policies are liberal and why they keep running RINOs with 99% of the same positions as Democrats. They’re open-borders globalists, just like their fellow Democrats. Maybe after this cycle, they’ll slink back to the Democratic party. It’s obvious they’re rooting for Hillary, who is a fellow neocon, to win. If she does, they can still retain power.

So we’re watching them try to sabotage their Republican front runner to try and scam the election for a Democrat. Truly breathtaking!

In the 1980s, Reagan called them “the Crazies” because they kept agitating for the US to nuke Russia. So it’s infuriating, watching them act like their the flame-keepers for Reagan’s memory [when Reagan despised them]. Reagan has nothing to do with them; Benedict Arnold represents their values far more closely.