Cocktail Circuit

(n). A group of people mainly from New England(1) who have attended Ivy League private schools and spend their time talking about how much they despise “white trash” Americans from mainly south east United States. Sometimes overtly naming the people as the underclass may be deemed unfashionable, so the activities and habits will be criticized, such as hunting, gun ownership, nuclear family units, church membership, and self-employment(2).

(1): Immigration into the Cocktail Circuit is allowed only as long the member is foreign to the United States or is willing to criticize their family and society of origin at every introduction.

(2): Self-employment can be considered an anti-union activity in the Cocktail Circuit. And nothing is considered more respectable to the “blue collar” workers, underclass, than demanding they belong to a national union.


I remember the good old days, when used to get nostalgic about the things that mattered. We sat out there, and used to reminisce for hours and hours about all the things we used to love, all the good times, and all the fun we used to have, when things were cheaper and life was simpler, we enjoyed reminiscing, and we loved to do it.

But now … it’s different.

You don’t really get nostalgic these days, you don’t have the time to look back and just think “man it really was better back then.”

Nowadays, what little nostalgia there is is forced upon us, through this dang Internet thing. Back in the day you actually had to find someone to be nostalgic with, but now you can just sign on to a website and just say, “Hey do you remember this?”

Within minutes hundreds of people swap stories about their pasts.

Sure, it’s convenient, but where’s that warmth, the sense of shared personal experiences that bonds people together?

I remember, this one time, me and a friend of mine, must have been two thousand and naught, we just sat in a park, didn’t do anything at all, and just talked about all the stuff we liked from the nineties or whenever. Filled the whole afternoon with reminiscing about all sorts of stuff. Now all I can do is post relevant things into some web forum or blog comment and even then, am I doing it for the joy of being nostalgic, or just for the click/page views that comes with it?

Nostalgia got worse as we got older. Its not like it was back when we were first getting nostalgic.

Kids these days will never know what it really means to be nostalgic.

Socialism or Death

This is always the way of Socialists regimes.

First, they try to convince with uplifting rhetoric about raising the people at the bottom of society.

Then they try to convince with uplifting rhetoric about the brotherhood of man and painting a picture of the great society they will build.

Finally, they try to convince by pointing out how many guns they have and that they’re not afraid to use them.

So you get socialism and death. Two for the cost of everything.

Anyway, there would be no riots if milk was plentiful and toilet paper was stocked. Aside from a few student-led factions, nobody really cares about repression of speech.

To be stable a country needs either a competent dictatorship/monarchy that can make hard and unpopular decisions, as in the Arab world, or full democracy in which grievances can be redressed at the polls, as in Norway.

The illusion of choice has been the most destabilizing factor in Venezuela. The people can’t vote for new a new government, but the old government isn’t authoritarian enough to function without popular support, and all their blunders have been the result of pandering to popular support: diverting funds from oil infrastructure investment, nationalizing electronics stores, etc.

Every day is Black Friday in the workers’ paradise. Everything is cheap, but have fun trying to get it.