Deep web and Dark web levels

Surface web – anything that has been cataloged by a search engines. If you can find it via search engine then it’s surface web.

Deep web – Anything that is not cataloged via a search engine. You can access the deep web from any browser if you know what you are looking for. You do not need to use TOR to access deep web content.

Dark web – Part of the deep web that has been blocked off and/or hidden from normal access via standard web browsers. This is where you would need TOR or something to that affect to access. It is not just all illegal sites for hiring hitmen and selling drugs.

Underweb – can only be accessed by a modified build of a specific Photoshop client from the 2000’s.

Shadow web – is operated in cells with courier pidgeons carrying thumb drives between them.

Lightless Void web – you need an air gapped PC, an apparatus of mirrors, and the arcane assistance of an ancient ghost.


The IlLudanati (the Latin of Ludacris meaning “Christopher Brian Bridges”) is a name given to a rapper group, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the leader of the Atlanta Illuminati, an Incognegro-era secret society founded on September 11, 1977.

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Embezzletron(n.) – A machine which automates the process by which the CEO and his co-conspirators withdraw a companies money into an offshore account. This business operation is, of course, ISO 9001:666 compliant.

Sec of State John Kerry Limericks

There once was a Rhode Island tax cheat
Whose wife had bought him a Senate seat
His vote sent boat jobs asunder
His swift boat was built down under
And priced as a reward for that sorry feat.


There once was a dillhole named Kerry
Who said for his tax “I’ll pay nary”
So he preened on his yacht
Tax man asked “whatcha got?”
“Tain’t nothing but a broken down ferry”


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Just like George said
Kerry hasn’t a clue.


Kerry had a little lamb
Its fleece was black as coal
Every time it jumped the fence
You could see its big black hole.


Palestinians panned you, Israelis did too,
And each time you speak, you step in the poo;
But when you retire you’ll still have some fame;
You’ll swell up with pride when you loudly proclaim
That for all of the bullshit you worked hard to spew,
Hillary Clinton was STILL worse than you.


There once was a man named John Kerry
Went to Vietnam and sang like a canary
A communist at heart and not very smart
Obama made him secretary.

President Barack Obama’s Scapegoats

The one percent
Jews in Israel
Wallstreet bankers
Corporate America
The Tea Party
Koch Brothers
The Arab Spring
The Tsunami in Japan
Cold winters
Fox News
Edward Snowden
Vladimir Putin
Predatory Lenders
Oil companies such as BP
JP Morgan – gets sued by the DOJ every 4 months
Random People in Paris who go to their Kosher Delis in their neighborhood and are Jewish
The Crusades
People who get angry at Muslim Extremism

President Barack Obama’s Nicknames

President EXCUSE
President Food Stamp
President Poverty Pimp
President Race Baiter
President Pinko
President You didn’t build that
President Pen and Phone
President O’Fraudzo
President O’Blamer
President O’Bummer
President Obozo
President Obungler
President obaMAO
President Soetoro
President Obamanation
Barry the Fairy
Barackalypse Now
“the one”
President Sodom Hussein Obama and Gomorrah